About Us

Who are we?

Empire Events began its journey of bringing excitement to events in 2016. All of our inflatables were purchased brand new, and manufactured specifically for us. It is our mission to always over deliver. We are not going to bring just another rental, we are celebrating your event with you. Furthermore, when we attend one of your events, we are welcoming you into our family!

From price, to quality, to service, our team at Empire is working around the clock to improve your experience. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority, and our people behave with the highest level of respect. From arriving at your home, to being gentle on your lawn as we pack up, we care about your convenience and happiness.

Why Empire?

The name of our company was no accident. We intend to make a great impact on our community. However, we cannot do it alone. We will make a larger impact by building our immediate community, or in other words - building an Empire. With the help of the Empire family, we can make a positive change to our area on multiple levels.  

By doing more than just donating money, we believe our growing family will foster growth in the area. The way we will build our Empire is by connecting with each of our clients. Our interactions are meant for more than just transaction, we truly care about your events. We keep you up to date on events near you and encourage you and your family have fun attending them!