Empire Fundraisers

Are you hosting an event to raise money for a charitable organization or cause? Empire wants to help. Having one of our inflatables at your event can cause the attraction of more people. Furthermore, people will come along with an increase in the amount you are able to donate. 

Allow us to learn more about your event so our Empire team can determine the best discounted rate. Moving forward, this discount will help your event raise as much money as possible.  Visit our fundraising page where you can inquire about more information on how the Empire family can help. As a result, together, we'll make your event reach its maximum potential.


How it Works!

Here at Empire Events, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to the community. As a part of our mission, we set milestones for ourselves every year. As a result, we donate a set amount of time and money back to charitable organizations. However, we need your help so we can donate more!

We want to hear from you. Many times, a company or organization will host a fundraiser in which money is collected. After which, they donate that raised money to a charitable organization or cause. Our team at Empire would like to offer a discounted price for as many fundraisers as we can. Most of all, we want you to have more money donated to your chosen cause, rather than spent on our rental.

We take pride in the ability we have to make a difference. You will improve the amount of money you raise by having one of our inflatables at your fundraiser. The inflatables attract more potential donations by offering rides on the inflatable for a small cost. You can charge one cost for "all-day" access or you can potentially charge a per ride cost. We encourage whatever you feel would be more successful to your target area.

Please fill out our interest form below and one of our experienced event specialists will contact you. We want to do everything we can to help give you the best results for your event. Our Empire team will take you through the options that are available and together we will make your event, one to remember!

Fundraiser Request Form