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Our inflatable options are always growing! With an entirely brand new line up to choose from, any of our inflatables would bring NEXT LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT to your event! Manufactured JUST for us by Happy Jump Inflatables, all of our inflatables are clean, new, and continuously maintained by a staff of professional event specialists. If you have questions about any of our inflatables don't hesitate to contact us. We help your event be one you and your guests will NEVER FORGET!



Call, text, or email us to check if the inflatable you are interested in has availability for the date of your party! We do not require any minimum reservation time but our guests experience the best results by making reservations at least 3 weeks in advance. Reserve the inflatable you want by paying a FULLY refundable, 20% deposit.

We deliver the morning of your party. For parties that take place at unique times we accommodate your schedule. Set up will take roughly 20 minutes to an hour and that depends on the inflatables chosen for your party! Our team only uses sandbags to provide the utmost care for your lawn. When your event is over we will come pack up the inflatable and leave your property how it was before we came! Call or text us at (856)-562-0060 or leave a message at the bottom of the website! Visit our Fundraising Page for inquiries about having a bounce house at your next South Jersey Fundraiser!

24' Double Lane Inflatable slide. This inflatable slide has two lanes to encourage races, and this inflatable can also be used wet by adding water to the inflatable slides.

24' Double Lane Slide - $649.00

Dimensions: 32' Long x 17' Wide x 24' Tall

This towering inflatable slide provides the excitement of climbing high above the crowd to claim the lane you’re going to come soaring down! Want to make it a race?! With the option of two different lanes you and a friend can use this bounce to see who’s going to speed down the slide faster! Use it dry or you can turn this double lane slide into a wet slope of speed!

(Ages : 3+,  Must specify if using wet or dry at time of reservation)

Call or text (856)-562-0060 , or email Empire Events to reserve this slide for your event!

52' Inflatable Obstacle Course. Inflatable Obstacle Course

52' Obstacle Course - $449.00

Dimensions: 52' Long x 11' Wide x 16' Tall

Get a rush and a workout with this thrilling inflatable obstacle course! With 52ft of ups, downs, overs, and unders, it’s sure to put fuel on the fire of any challenge. Race to the climbing wall and be the first one to slide down the 16ft slide to your victorious finish! This bounce will have everybody lining up in an attempt to show off how fast they can complete the obstacle course.

(Ages : 3+)

Call or text (856)-562-0060 , or email Empire Events to reserve this obstacle course for your event!

Castle Bouncy House

Castle Bounce House - $239.00

Dimensions: 13' Long x 13' Wide x 13' Tall

Ready to take your event from fun to awesome! This inflatable castle will give any event that extra burst of fun for all ages!  Toddlers, children, adults? No problem. This magnificent bouncy castle can cater to anyone’s addiction for fun. It’s our most commonly rented inflatable for a reason!

(Fun for all ages!)

Call or text (856)-562-0060 , or email Empire Events to reserve this castle bounce for your event!

Inflatable Slide

18' Single Lane Slide - $399.00

Dimensions: 24' Long x 13' Wide x 18' Tall

This widely popular inflatable slide gives the ability to continuously go up and down the slide without ever having to get off! Being able to be used both wet and dry, the bounce offers a dry slide with great speed OR a wet slide that will have you finding yourself splashing into a small pool at the bottom! Tons of fun for every event!

 (Ages : 3+, Must specify if using wet or dry at time of reservation)

Call or text (856)-562-0060 , or email Empire Events to reserve this slide for your event!

Inflatable Combo

3 in 1 Bounce/Slide Combo - $329.00

Dimensions: 31' Long x 13' Wide x 17' Tall

Just bouncing not quite enough for you? That’s OK, we all need change sometimes, so why not just add a slide to your bouncy castle?! This awesome inflatable still let’s all ages bounce as much as they want but adds the option to head down a slide when they feel like it. Great for keeping the fun alive just a little longer!

(Fun for all ages!)

Call or text (856)-562-0060 , or email Empire Events to reserve this 3-in-1 combo for your event!